Blog Action Day

October 15, 2007

BlogActionDay Well I still haven’t had a good chunk of time to update my site and reboot my blogging activities after a prolonged state of stasis, but Blog Action Day (thanks Johnny) seems like a good opportunity to shake off my blogging slumber and resume my digital scribblings. I like how this initiative isn’t about banging everyone over the head with the same well-rehearsed messages about the environment, but, as the site puts it every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. The point is to forefront the environment in some way.

So I’m going to mention my disappointment at the fact that the results of the recent referendum on the electoral system in Ontario were to not institute any reforms. Why is this disappointing? Well, because the Green Party of Canada has little chance at the moment of winning any seats in the current first past the post only system. Popular votes for the Green Party doubled from about 4% to about 8% since 2003, which is by far a more significant change than the other major parties, but even at that rate, things will probably happen fairly slowly. Electoral reform would have meant that 8% of the population supporting the Green Party would have had some proportional representation in government. Why did the referendum fail? I don’t think a lot of people really understood the issue, in large part because an information brochure on the topic arrived too late and presented content in a confusing manner. I hope there will be another referendum in the not too distant future, where a more concerted effort is made to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each system.

I have deliberately steered clear of most political issues in this blog, but today – Blog Action Day – is different.

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