Pair Text Analysis

May 18, 2008

Geoffrey Rockwell and I have just completed our first full experiment in pair text analysis: Now Analyze That. Using text analysis, we wanted to try to say something interesting about a corpus of texts, and I think we succeeded; the point wasn’t to do a thorough and theoretically meticulous reading of the corpus (as both of us are trained to do), the point was to use analytic tools to relatively quickly identify some potentially interesting directions for further study. Actually, we had more objectives than that:

  • experiment with doing pair text analysis (one person at the keyboard, one person focusing on the bigger picture, as per principles of pair programming)
  • experiment with a form of rhetoric that harmoniously combines prose and analytic evidence (or even embedding tools directly into the analytic text)
  • begin a series of mini analytic exercises that could serve as methodological examples (for teaching purposes, etc.)
  • work with our analytic tools (Taporware and HyperPo) to identify their strengths and weaknesses for this type of analysis

Geoffrey and I will be doing more experiments with the rhetoric of text analysis and tools methodology…

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