Digital Humanities Quarterly

April 6, 2007

DHQ I’m delighted to say that Digital Humanities Quarterly has been launched:

Welcome to the first issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly: a new, online, open-access journal published by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. This issue has been a long time in the making. The first organizational efforts began in June 2005, and the journal’s technical development started soon after. Developing a new journal on a new publication model, with an innovative technical architecture is not an undertaking for the faint-hearted. That level of challenge, however, was central to the venture from the start: the world may not need yet another academic journal, but it does need experiments in how academic journals are published. DHQ is conceived as just such an experiment, conducted by the community best suited to make it a success and learn from the results.

As this note makes clear, DHQ will strive to experiment with digital scholarly publication, and will provide a valuable complement to other publications like Literary and Linguistic Computing, Text Technology and the Humanist Discusion Group. Part of the experimental mandate of DHQ will be to maintain an academic blog, which I will have the honour of editing once that component is fully integrated into the DHQ site. See you there!

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